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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Lee done his Christmas shopping the other day and came back with outfits for Lileeva! He said he couldn't resist; I know what he means though, these baby clothes are just shouting at you to buy them! He knew he's going to do my head in with the 0-3 months sizing but he wants to see our little girl in them straight away.
Here they are, a full sheep outfit with a hood, and a three piece set of sheepy-prisony madness. Proper cute!

With today I only have 5 days until my due date. I'm still not feeling it, to be honest. Probably Sunday is just going to pass like every other pregnant days of mine.
I don't like bouncing on my ball yet, doesn't feel too comfortable, in fact gives me a little back ache, reckon it has something to do with the big boobs?! She doesn't feel like engaging either when I'm out and about walking, only pushes my bladder, making me wanting the loo every minute.
Keep wondering when and how she's going to make her appearance, whether I'm going to be indoors or out, whether it will start with my water breaking or contractions...
I just hope she does it by herself and not going to wait out that 2 extra weeks, otherwise I'm going to get cut up, and that wouldn't be good for either of us. Fingers crossed.

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