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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Here is a link about how beneficial natural child birth is, over a Cesarean section. It's all about the hormone which a C section it's not likely to be released in as big of a dose as would benefit the baby, make her bond easier and to start the milk flowing quicker. Oxytocin it is, the love hormone.
Now thinking about it I might be close to going to labour, since I'm feeling all snuggley towards Lee, like a little kitten haha! Might be something to do with the winter coming as well, I feel all loved up during this time of the year.
I don't feel much difference after passing my due date though, but to be honest I thought that's going to be the case and it will pass just as a normal preggers day.
Lileeva's moves are getting a bit more aggressive if I can say this, it's like she's pushing her head down stronger. Well... Sill not strong enough though; I don't feel her to be engaged and as soon as her pushes it down it's like she feels my muscles tighten up from the pain and she rather back up, pushing my bladder instead, not wanting to hurt me.
I reckon she'll be coming early morning as of she always active around 02-03am nowadays. Other thing is, I only feel her moving down when I'm sitting or laying, never when I'm walking or standing. Not sure why?!
These heading-down pains did worry me a little, especially cause no matter how hard I try I can't really relax my muscles, but I reckon it's more likely cause of the uncomfortable 'everything' feeling down there. I mean I have a quick shooting pain down there, bursting for a pee an inch or two above, and getting kicked just under the ribs at the same time. It's not bad, I rather call it weird.
Still kind of believe when it finally starts off for real, it won't be hurting as much. I imagine myself getting up from the sofa ('Damn I need a wee again!') and pop, there goes my water.
I can't wait to see her but I think my excitement only going to kick to 100% when the first contractions start. Simply cause I still found this entire thing unreal and still not sure it hit me yet! We are about to have a baby in literally any minute! It's something big and life changing which ain't happening every day to us.
(Message to the people calling me daily about 'Where is she? Did you give birth yet?' - Stop it! It doesn't help, you just annoy me to hell. Thank you.)

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