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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Another ridiculous day behind. I hate my hospital.
Had the appointment to see the consultant and to get the sweep done at 0920am, I've got seen at around 1040am. This time it was a really decent, young ish guy, I reckon gay. (The gayer the better. In my opinion anyway.) First of all he checked the baby's position and heart rate, which he found straight away! That's when I was like alright, finally a person who knows what he is doing.
Me and Lee both agreed on him doing the sweep, and he explained it should work within 24-48 hours... If it does. This sweep thing itslef wasn't one of my nicest experiences, but what else would one expect, after all it's all about someone touching your still inside, chillaxing baby's head... It says on my notes I was 1cm dilated already. Weird?! Ain't complaining though.
Then, because of my high blood pressure and not excellent, only O.K. urine he ordered me to get a blood test done straight after and go back for the results within a few hours. He told me if everything was alright they probably just going to send me home, but if they saw anything what would worry them, they'd induce me tonight straight away. This was around 1130am.
Went back for 0200pm to get my blood and urine result. And here's where all it started. First of all, had to wait for over half an hour on the boiling hot reception. For what, I don't know.
Then to be seated to a chair, to check the baby's heart rate. Only thing, the midwife forgot to put me on the CTG machine until 0325pm. Since I'm only supposed to be on it for about half an hour, it pissed me off. I could've been out of there by then already.
The doctor popped up every now and then, saying my blood results are good, she's just waiting for the urine test which should be in the system by 0350pm.
At 0420pm when the midwife said she's off home cause her swap has arrived I asked her to get me off of the machine finally, cause was bursting for a pee. Lileeva was pushing my bladder every now and then giving me grief, not to mention the little pains, but I'm still not sure what they were. I mean, I've only had breakfast at 0800am and couple of milkshakes for my heartburn, with going to the loo regularly so couldn't really be constipation. Or could it?!
While I was on CTG the doctor has been called away to do emergency C sections on the delivery suite, and even though the midwives have access to my files, they couldn't let me off, needing the doctor's approval. She finally came at 0500pm, just to let me know that everything is fine and I can go home. Do I even have to say that I knew this will happen?!
She ordered me a blood pressure test for Friday, which obviously can't be done at home cause our machine might not be good enough. Also having an appointment for next Wednesday to get me induced if Lileeva didn't came by then.
I hope she will come by then, I can't mentally be doing this wait around game again, pisses me off way too much.
Then after all this I quickly ran back down to the antenatal clinic to try and catch one of the (Only Wednesday practicing.) thyroid doctors to double check and push towards home birth again. Understand my point as easy as it is; Unnecessary tests all the time, cause no one believes me. I don't want this to happen while I'm actually giving birth, I want to do it in peace. I know they just want to make sure that everything is fine with both me and the baby but it's ridiculous. 8 hours of stress and waiting around for something I already knew; That me and my girl are absolutely fine!
Now here's another thing. A midwife I could talk to at the clinic was shocked by many points of my story; Firs of all that I was still there after this morning's appointment, then that the fact the obstetricians, home birth team and doctors are kept sending me to each other throughout my entire pregnancy without giving me explanations. So she did; I'd still be able to apply for home birth, but someone has to come out to do an assessment on our flat to see if it was acceptable, then they have to send this assessment to a team who decides about it all. Since it takes a while, they usually do this on or around week 34. Now cause I had the sweep done today I can go into labour pretty much any time from now on, therefor it's all pointless. Good that I kept fully informed, eh?! I finally left the building at 0520pm. Nice day, just as I planned. Not!
By the way my baby is legendary already! The midwife actually thought I moved the little CTG stickers on my belly cause after like 20 minutes she pretty much disappeared and her rates were hardly visible for the next half an hour or so. During this period there was a clearly visible lump on my right side, high up, very close to my boob haha!
Lee was with me all day, bless him. Since he works nights that means he came home after his 12 hours shift and managed the day through without even having a nap. We got home from the hospital past 0600pm so after 26 hours awake, he called his boss of missing out on his shift and went straight to bed.
I had a pretty bad sleep last night, but thought I'd stay awake for a while and write about all this.
Sitting in my usual position, my little big girl doesn't anymore feel like she is high up in my ribs, and counting in the past almost 3 hours, my pains are regular-irregular 5-7 minutes period pains. Wouldn't call them contractions since they aren't up in my womb, more likely the cervix area. It either has something to do with dilating or I'm constipating. Then again, every month while having my period it kind of feels like I'm constipating so...
Anyways, my friend said I shall try and sit in a hot bath for some time and watch what's happening. These pains either disappear or get stronger and regular, then so I'll be able to know whether or not it's the real deal. It probably isn't yet though.
Will give this bubba a little dance, a glass of prune juice (Just in case.) then a bath before bed. See what happens.

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