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Monday, 11 February 2013


Both Lileeva and I have bit of a cold, it's snowing today and freezing, so I awarded us with an official pyjama and cartoons day.
I also have a subtle suspicion that Lileeva is lactose intolerant too. We give her whole milk at least once, but usually twice daily, with her morning porridge and a bottle before bed. Lately, and I mean the past couple of weeks, every nappy of hers I changed contained nasty diarrhoeal poos. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with her diet or food I'm giving her, after all I've been feeding her with whatever we eat for almost a year. She was doing good on cow's milk too up until recently.
However Lileeva might only have toddler's diarrhoea, which is apparently more common than becoming lactose intolerant this young. Either way, as of last night she's on full fat soya milk and will stop feeding her with yoghurt for at least a week or so, just to make sure. So far her bowels seem to like the idea.

We are the first week down of Lee's new shifts and we all are loving it! Regular 'normal' hours done good on his moods therefor it done good for our family life too. It's one, 100% happy household.
On other news, I have a busy week behind me. Made new friends and ditched old ones. Some people are just so judgmental and two faced, thinking since I'm a mum I'm not allowed to have fun anymore. Long story short, I don't need these kind of fake friends or negativity in my life.
Now to make a cup of tea and snuggle up with my princess under the duvet and watch Peppa Pig marathon. Loving it!

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