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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Pancake day!
Regardless me feeling much worse this morning, I made my way to Tesco and bought some pancakes. Just for the sake of it. Until next month I only own a massive frying pan which makes it impossible to make pancakes. That's my excuse anyway.
We had a lovely, boob looking, calorie and sugar filled lunch today. With cherry on top. Quite literally.

I meant to post about being suspicious of Lileeva teething again, due to some serious dribbling, drooling, and biting on fingers. Looking into her mouth today I came to realise all four of her 'vampire teeth' have cut through already, in fact, the top ones are almost entirely out! Not sure when did it all happen, a couple of weeks ago they were nowhere near to be seen.
So that's us, only four more milk teeth to go and we are done until she's 6. According to the teething chart anyway.
Since Lileeva looks like she's doing better, I probably will take her to a baby group tomorrow. I hate staying indoors for days, no matter me feeling rubbish. We were invited for a toddler-mummy 'party' on Friday to Birgit's, Giulia's mum, but it's been cancelled so I shall make that a baby group day as well.
Wonder if being among toddlers will encourage Lileeva to walk more. I keep catching her with the corner of my eye making little trips by herself between the chairs and walls, but as soon as I turn my head towards her, she just drops on the floor, smiles and crawls away. Little shy puppy.

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