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Sunday, 24 February 2013


As of yesterday, another one of our holiday is booked!
Obviously summer season were out of question so I chose September for this two weeks family outings for more than one reasons. Firstly, Lileeva will most likely to be walking by then (Fingers crossed!) which should make our lives easier, knowing how mobile she is. We can't really have her crawling around in a restaurant for example. Secondly, more or less I'm planning her to be potty trained by then. See how that will work out though... Thirdly, the weather is still nice then, and with the season over, the prices are a tiny bit lower.
This time the three of us are going to Rome for 10 days and to Budapest straight after for another 4 days.
We were hesitating about the destination, mainly because Lileeva is yet too small for example Disneyland, but is too big to get bored easily. Furthermore, both me and Lee prefer holidays where are things to do and places to see rather than sitting by the hotel's pool all day long.
I always wanted to go to Rome, Vatican City and their catholic culture especially among my interests, even though I'm not a believer in the so called 'one and only' God. In fact I'm leaning towards the Illuminati view, Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and all that haha! Playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and learning Italian in school also helped me decide about the destination.
And of course, it will be awesome to see my family and friends at the end of our trip. I even have a guess about my mum and nan wanting to spend as much time with Lileeva as they can, so perhaps me and Lee will have bit of a free time together, for the change.
I really can not wait now!

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