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Monday, 18 April 2011


Health wise I seem to be fine, still no morning sickness which I hopefully won't anymore have, after all I'm in my 10th week now.
The weekend me and Lee's family went to the countryside for their relatives' wedding, which was lovely, even though on the way down I felt horribly sick in the car. My father-in-law was driving, proper fast, which I normally don't have a problem with, in fact like very much, so don't know what happened. Was perfectly fine on the way back so I suppose it was something to do with the hunger.
Scary how thin the line is between hunger and sickness in my case, but I even mentioned it before when I was writing about my new eating habits.
That's us all smart on the wedding, the first and yet only decent photo of us. I like it very much.

Louise has given me a book which tells me when and where to go, what to look after and what's the baby look like in each week. It also taught me that dental care is free during and a year time after pregnancy. Get in! Especially cause it's one of those which you have to pay for even though you are paying NI.
By the way Lou said I seem to be eating a lot, which I kind of have to agree with but hey, I've always been a big eater even though I always felt guilty about it. But to be perfectly honest, this time of my life I couldn't care less how fat or bloated I'm going to get, even if the extra fat will not just be on my belly but anywhere else too. (As I am already putting on some serious life belt layer, looking like I'm in my second trimester already haha!) I'll have a stressful year ahead with the baby anyway which I hopefully will be able to turn on my side, weight loss wise.
At the moment it's still just us two, but I started to feel less important for myself if it comes to health. Seriously, who cares if I'll be gaining more weight (Even if it's permanent, fuck it!) as long as I have a healthy baby!?
Still only temporary cravings, like cheesy-sour creamy pasta and fruits. Lots of fruit.
This might be sounding a little crazy but sometimes even though I had a massive glass of water or juice, I feel dry. Not thirsty, no dry mouth, not even dry skin. It's dryness and heat from the inside, so might be dehydration. I had it before the pregnancy as well. Only thing that helps is fruit.
Oh what I've been thinking lately: Will be having a baby is the perfect reason to buy all the Harry Potter books in English, without being ashamed. Jokes, but how true!

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