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Thursday, 28 April 2011


Me and Lee are usually communicate via email while he is at work cause when he gets home usually goes straight to bed and the next day wakes up just before he has to leave. But no excuses, we don't really talk anyway, just making noises. (Does this sound weird?! I think you just pass a comfort point in the relationship when it becomes normal.)
So the date my parents are coming over is getting closer and closer, so we discussed the time table and programs via email as usual. My main issue is that I don't want my pops to pay for anything, but not sure I'll be getting my benefit til then so it leaves Lee to pay not just for our rent and food but the tickets and travels of my parents' as well.
He offered  the above saying -'You shouldn't worry about things like this, after all we are family now.' and so it hit me. Most probably cause it was there and there, written.
We are a family now, no matter what. He is not just my boyfriend anymore, he is my partner, the dad to be of my alien, and my parents have became his family too.
I'm happy.

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