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Thursday, 28 April 2011


Last week I met Tracey the midwife for the first time. She's Scottish and she is awesome. Spent there over an hour and a half talking about everything and even though she might be answering the same questions day-by-day she was really nice and polite.
For example I didn't even know I could choose not to breast feed?! Anyways, she told me why it is better for the baby, making his/her immune system stronger with its bacterias and stuff. She also told me I shouldn't worry about fucking things up, cause around giving birth she'll let me know about basic, practical things, and a few months after, childcare going to visit me at home, letting me know what to do from then on, what to feed the baby with and things like that. So again, not to worry I won't be left alone with my questions.
She made me confident about slowly passing the critical period of miscarriage and I wasn't showing any signs of it anyway (Like bleeding, or suspiciously strong pains.) so I'm fine. As it happens she changed the date of my first scan for next Friday the 6th, as the previous date I had was exactly on 13 weeks 6 days which is the end of the first trimester. Also she re-calculated my due date and it is on 11-12/11/11.
Forgot to ask her about whether or not the closest hospital to me has a pool for water birth though. I hope they do, I always wanted to make it easier and less painful with it. I like water.
She's given me loads of flyers and to-read booklets so I don't feel lost anymore.
I'm well happy of passing the first 7 weeks without seeing these illustrations; Their ugliness disgust me so much!
I just realised I'm 12 weeks in already. Haha, get in! 6 more months to go! Here:
'Just 12 weeks after conception, the fetus is fully formed. Your baby has all of their organs, muscles, limbs and bones, and their sex organs are developed. From now on your baby will grow and mature. Your baby is already moving about, but you will not be able to feel movements yet.'
It's incredible how 3 months ago it was just one of the 3 billions, who won the race and now it has its own legs and heartbeat.
However I'm still unable to believe it really is happening.

Week 4  
Week 6
Week 12

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