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Monday, 2 May 2011


We've been out the weekend to see Lee's granddad Saturday and for a lunch with his parents and niece on Sunday and both gdiddy and mum said I'm getting bigger already. I can't say much as have always been bigger around my belly. Take it as I always looked pregnant even though I wasn't, therefor I hope that's the case only. Rather be fat with a big baby than having twins or triplets.
Although... If it would be a girl and a boy in the twin case I wouldn't really mind. One for Lee, one for me, and something new for Lee's family whom are already having a granddaughter and soon a grandson too.
Lou just went into the hospital this afternoon, her water didn't yet break but had pains yesterday and started to bleed today so they might start her labor now, 3 weeks earlier.
Anyways, if I see something like this on Friday, I'll have all the rights to scream.

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