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Sunday, 8 May 2011


Typing on the phone upstairs in bed while the boys are watching a scary crap film downstairs. I mean, I've never been a fan of spooky horror and/or gore movies but still watched it for the sake of my curiosity which clearly lead me to paranoia.
Anyways, as you might have noticed it on yourself, jumpy bits gives you cramps so it's not the way forward, especially not now. For example me and Lee went to the Death Trap at the bottom of London Eye (It's a 12 minutes long scary ride/tour where you go in to a room with a group, there's some sort of story, lights are off, strobe on, find your way out while zombie look a like actors are jumping at you from all direction.) as my friend works there and he'd let us in for free, but the info board clearly says no pregnant women or people with heart problems are allowed in. For a reason really.
So yeah, chillaxing on the bed, with all the lights on at the moment. You never know, right?!
Went for the scan on Friday and I have to admit the baby is a cute little mutherfhucker! It's little hands were in front of him/her, like it was praying or clapping and as the nurse was pushing that scan stick thing around my belly (It kind of hurt.) it was moving it's little legs, kicking the air.
Also, looked like it was wearing a Batman or Wolverine like mask cause of the shadows. We got four photos for £4 so that was all right, but I wasn't pleased with the nurse, at all.
First of all, she looked evil. Second, it was only 9am and she was already in a mood. You'd expect a bit of support on your first ever child's first ever scan, even though knowing she's doing this thing many times a day, all day, every day, for fuck knows how long.
We even had a nice little convo at the end: -'So you are 13 weeks 5 days today.', -'Yeah. Oh wait, no, that's next Tuesda...' -'Yes you are, this is what the measurement says, this is what we take, so you are 13 weeks 5 days.'
I was gonna slap that slag right there like. Even the scan says on top 12 weeks 6 days cause that's when my placenta started to grow or whatever happens inside from the very beginning. Just cause my baby is big (Little meat head it is. Aww.) doesn't mean it's a week older. And what's with the attitude?!
Anyways, she changed my due date to 06/11/11 which 1) Won't be happening 2) Could still be good if I end up being late, cause that means I'm able to have (?) the C section on 11/11/11.
Or even if not, the first babies are usually late.
Photos later, after some sleeps.

 Batman/Wolverine mask he/she had on

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