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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I feel much more better now, it's weird how a few kind words put you in to your happy place and a few mean ones (Or the ones you take that way.) lets you down.
Yep, I have to agree, my hormones are kind of all over the place but think it could be worse. Or will be, see what happens.
Over a year ago, one of my close friends, Szabolcs was still living in the UK and I had many free minutes so we were having hour long chats over the phone. I clearly remember one of them; It was about pregnancy and women's hormones. He said he doesn't understand but absolutely respects blokes who have been next to their girls all the way.
First of all our hormones change between the age of 10 and 13 when we get into the teenager period. We all go mad here, especially once each month from then on. For many many years.
Secondly this whole pregnancy thing, when the hormones creating in our systems do not only affect our body but our brains too. This is the hormone which programs our brains to protect our babies first and foremost and giving us the mother instinct or call however you want to call it. So we all go crazy yet again.
And once again, the menopause around our 50's.
So I have to admit we are kind of hard works, but to all the males out there a little advise: We are easier to deal with if you are nice to us. And it is a promise in the name of all women out there.

This is Szandra and Szabolcs above. Not long ago when we had a conversation with Szabolcs and told him how his words are echoing in my head from day by day he said -'Let's hope you don't go absolutely nuts but will stay cool and be just as a cool mother as Szandra was.'
She lived in the area where both me and Szabolcs did back home, we got to know her from there and from the clubs we usually went to. She has a boy, little creature who looks like Martin Gore with his golden locks and at the age of only two, he was jumping around smiling in his crib when his mother was listening Depeche Mode. How ironic and wonderful.
Rest In Peace Szandra.

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  1. emlékszem mennyire megdöbbentem, amikor 2 éve megtudtam, hogy meghalt.. :(