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Wednesday, 18 May 2011


What I wasn't yet talking about is the past week and what I managed to sort out.
I had a blood check and I got described with hyperthyroidism. It's the overactive one, I had problems with it before, but I ignored it which I can not anymore do because of the baby's health. So I'm taking medication for 3 weeks now, then I'm going back to get my blood re-checked. A few months after giving birth I probably will have an operation so all this thyroid problem can be forgotten, forever.
I also applied for Jobseeker's Allowance benefit which is still in process but I got some tax back luckily so it helped us out a little.
Sorted out the cat and her fleas, I pray it's for good now. We are going back to the vet next week for her vaccinations.
We also had our first 'family' shopping, when we bought such things as a hoover, a microwave, an inflatable camping mattress and other bits for the flat. We as well have a toaster and kettle saved for us, just as a dining table with chairs and a cooker. These are from Lee's parents' so we should be O.K. with paying for them whenever we are safe with money. Lee has a bed and a wardrobe too. Only writing these cause it's good to know, we pretty much got everything needed for when we have to move.
We are living at Lee's aunt's place at the moment, but hopefully the council will help us to find a place to move in with the baby, for relative cheap. We got that sorted too, so all what we have to do now is wait and see whether they accept our application or not. It's tricky cause Lee is working and they usually don't give out places to parents to bes whom work, even though his money isn't enough to feed three people plus pay bills and a private rent.
I have an appointment to the dentist too, it's free when you are pregnant, and my teeth are hurting so much so rather get them checked.
Our friend's mother has many baby stuffs which she wants to get rid off so she'll pass it on to us, so that's kind of done as well.
And I'm having my 20 weeks scan on the 24th of June when hopefully we will find out whether it's a boy or a girl. Yay!
Then, on the 29th going to see my midwife again and Lee is coming too, cause for some reason he's interested in meeting her. Bet he has some questions too haha!
By the way I went to see Tracey the other day, asked around and apparently if I'm due on 06/11/11 I can not have a C section on 11/11/11 as they are going to have to give the baby at least 7 days to come out naturally, but as it happens, first babies are always late so I shall be fine. Also, there are pools in the hospital where I'll be so I can give birth in water. What a relief!
All looks up now. We are surely getting there.

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