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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Here is the time to talk about what I wanted to mention like ages ago. I'm horrified of the thought what kind of mother I'm going to be!
I know that I am going to be the strict parent and Lee's going to be the one the kid will trust more, or go to with his/her problems. I kind of able to accept this but the thought my kid might be hating me, well... I can't bare.
Most probably I only think this way cause of the relationship between my mum and me, but still. I mean, what if the kid is going to be ungrateful or something? They are cute and sweet when they are babies then they grew into the 'Why?' period, then school, then teenage thing and tell them what is what and how, then first relationships, drinking and maybe drugs, then that it was, they are gone already.
I know it doesn't sound promising or positive, it isn't against the little unborn alien, more likely against me.
I'm scared that I'm going to be horrible and disliked. I want to be cool and easy and that kind of parent who takes the kid out for a drink and stuff. I hope I won't fuck it up.

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