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Monday, 9 May 2011


When you are pregnant you do many things differently, mostly unconscious at the beginning, then it all becomes conscious and even a routine maybe.
You eat healthier. You drink less booze, or not at all. You smoke less, or not at all. When your boy smokes around you (Like a lot I mean, he does.) you don't prefer to kiss him straight after coming back inside, then within time you became protective and let him know that he might as well quit if he doesn't want to die in cancer. (Not if he did give a damn about it, but that's another story.)
As soon as you hear news, you realise you rather start and take the medications forever what you refused to take for years. And of course, you rather wait an extra half a minute or so for the green man, before crossing the road.
When/from you are pregnant you always come second. And it's good as it is.

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