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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


In the past days, for the first time I had to think about what if, for some reason I'd have to raise the little one alone. Obviously it's not the way and I wouldn't want it to happen especially cause I was raised by my mum and hardly got to know my dad before he died, so it's definitely not the best for the alien.
But, as it happens, things aren't looking too good at the moment. It's not like I'm sitting home all day, doing fuck all, but creating conspiracy theories which I can insult the loved ones with.
Some people probably  don't understand but women do need support this time. Support, and not lies and pains they cause... Then they show a bit of regret then rambling about how hard it is for them to survive my hormones. Guess what sunshine, I should know it better, I have to live with these hormones you know, and bear your lies and like what, can I not even mention how hurt I am, cause then I come across as that crazy pregnant bitch?!
It's not the way, really is not. I'm well sad, and the trust which flew out the window doesn't help at all.

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