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Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Lileeva is becoming more and more like me. The fussiness and now the sleeping habits. She became a proper light sleeper, wakes up every time we enter her room to check up on her and isn't able to fall asleep in the pram anymore. Technically she isn't able to fall asleep anywhere unless it's quiet and she's alone. Bless her. She will end up like me - with all the bad habits taken from her mother.

She has also started to use her tongue and trying to form words. We are very far from the first proper words but Lileeva is blabbing away now constantly. She's saying 'bla-bla', 'ma-ma' and 'la-la' all the time, chatting up trees, toys and random people.
As well as she's blowing kisses every now and then.
She is so cheeky and cute. I fall in love with her day by day.

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