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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


It's awesome when you finally figure out why does your baby cry.
Obviously you're never happy when your kid isn't happy but damn is it a relief when you work out what's wrong!
Today Lileeva been quite moany and hasn't had many naps so both Lee and me thought that was her problem. She tends to fight it, that makes her over tired and she screams. She usually spends 3 hours awake, then has an hour sleep, then another few hours awake etc.
Anyways it wasn't only the tiredness or hungriness. Lileeva is teething again, I reckon we are having a troubled one this time. She refused to eat her fruits so I gave her porridge instead (Upped the dreaded milk intake at least.) but by the look of things she was in quite a bit of pain eating it. Put Bonjela on her gums and laid her down straight after, she gave me a big smile after hours of tears and now she's quiet.
Each of these tiny missions gives me faith and reassures me that I'm not a terrible mum after all.
Making her happy means everything to me.

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