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Friday, 17 August 2012


Seeing tiny babies and adverts like these, make me unbelievable broody!

However I started to see Lee's point on having only one kid. It's hard, cause he has a sister so he wouldn't know what it's like to be brought up alone, and there's me, the only kid in the family who always wanted a brother or sister.
I do believe if we did decide to have another baby it would be better to 'get it over with' soon, therefor Lileeva would have a little brother or sister to play with, and the age gap wouldn't be big either so there is more chance of them two getting on well.
But since it ain't going to happen I'm not too sure anymore.
I love Lileeva with all my heart and would never want her to feel abandoned when/if another baby came along. I wouldn't want them to fight over who is loved more and stuff like that.
For example I know that my niece Kyra (9) loves her little brother Alfie (1) to death but it must've been hard for her to see all the family gathering around the newborn last year and him being in the center of attention instead of her. I know that I would feel a little bit left out in a situation like that. But that's just how life works and it's no ones fault, but I rather have another baby now, as Lileeva probably wouldn't even remember the 'abandoned times'. And also, don't want her to ever feel alone and ask what I asked from my mum; That why wouldn't they give me a brother or sister to hang out with.
On the other hand I want Lileeva to feel special and want her to know that she is everything for me, and would be hard to make her understand if there was another 'rival' in the house.
I don't know... We shall wait and see I suppose.

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