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Monday, 20 August 2012


I'm highly superstitious and am a believer. Of many things. I like to think I'm open-minded, yes.
There is a myth that kids can see ghosts easier for example, and that there is this saying that 'Someone's always looking out for kids and drunk people' that's why they are not likely to get hurt and so on.
I wasn't really thinking about it until Lileeva had a screamo day not long ago. She just wouldn't stop, no matter what I did for her. She hasn't been this bad for about a couple of months.
Then the following day I realised, I forgot to take my medication the day before. I'm pretty sure Lileeva sensed it. She became calmer straight away when I started to take meds, most probably cause I became calmer too. This was the whole point after all.
I find this whole situation amazing. I mean few of her senses haven't 100% developed, like she can't walk, talk, read or write. Instead she is more aware of feelings and vibes for now.
My friend Kali agrees too. Her 4 year old notices things on the street we are just walking past by blank.
I know priorities change in our lives, and we all have to grow up, but the term 'growing up' has gotten a new meaning in my books besides of maturing. It kind of means shutting your least needed senses (Like the ability of feeling someone's presence or vibe, seeing others' auras and so.) and using your most needed ones, like thinking about the ingredients you have to buy for dinner, watching out for a car when crossing the street and listening out for your baby in the pram.
But hey, that's just how life goes I suppose.

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