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Thursday, 23 August 2012


Lileeva is waving now, on purpose. Last week she wasn't yet sure about what it was all about, but by today she waves back at you if you wave to her.
She is also pulling herself up on everything, desperately. Not long now... Hope she waits until we're back from our holiday though, would be so much easier if she wasn't on the move when we're out there. However, I still doubt she'll be able to sit still throughout 4 hours flight.
She started to drop her naps but gets really cranky when she's overtired. Hard times.
We are putting her to bed at 08pm now, she usually wakes up about 07am if she manages to wiggle herself all the way up in her cot, but falls back asleep and doesn't wake up until 09am. Quite ideal, can't complain.
I got told I supposed to start to have her snacking between meals. By the age of one they supposed to eat three meals plus two snacks a day, plus whatever milk intake they have. It's apparently important because of their metabolism and since their stomach is tiny, empties quicker. Makes sense really, after all adults supposed to have the same feeding routine too.
I'm happy that Lileeva is in a good routine but I think I might have been a bit strict with her. About everything really. Hanging out with Kali and her children made me realise I have to loosen up a little. I mean, who cares if it's dirty, messy or untidy as long as Lileeva happy?! Should ease up my control freak self a bit.
It's really good being around Kali though. We are trying to make it as weekly thing so the kids can bond, giving the option to befriend each other as soon as possible. It's always good to have a person with similar interests around you, especially when they have a similar aged baby as yours. I can also ask her about tips and tricks of parenting since she has a lovely 4 year old too.
Life is good.

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