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Thursday, 30 August 2012


So it's my nan's birthday today and my mum emailed me to call my nan at a set time (Ehrm?!) to wish her a happy birthday. I kept calling our land line for over 2 hours, she finally picked it up when they got in from their celebration dinner, my nan was overwhelmed, crying from happiness and all that. Made me very happy, I love my Nana. Then my mum sends me a text after saying thanks for calling.
This sums up my mum. She thinks I called my nan because of her (Mum.) instead of me actually caring about my Nana's birthday. So vain, it's unbelievable. Did I previously mention that I'm not the biggest fan of my mum?! Sigh.

Lileeva has developed favourites beside Peppa Pig. I'm talking about certain foods. She loves banana, peaches, grapes, tangerines, beetroot, yoghurts, fishfingers and fishcakes, paprikás krumpli, lecsó, chips and pasta bake. We know for the fact cause when she does like something she keeps staring at the spoon/bowl and has these excited growls. Bare adorable! However she's not so keen on ham, cauliflower, chicken nuggets and eggs. Oh no, I might have given birth to a vegetarian haha! I think it's their texture and smell though, ham is thin and kind of slimy, cauliflower simply stinks, scrambled egg is gluey and nuggets are fairly hard to chew.
We are also trying to watch our language lately. I think it's time, even though Lileeva is not yet talking. A few 'shits' are still sliding out but rarely any 'fucks' and 'cunts' in front of her. It's very hard though, since both me and Lee were likely to curse all day long for years previously.
Having a child does make you a better person.

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