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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I probably have had a good old rant about my mum's upcoming 50th previously. I basically told her in May that I won't be able to afford to go and see her, then a month or so back she sent me an email in a highly obnoxious manner that she really wants to see me in November and 'she believes she's asking me in time and me and Lileeva going to visit her on her birthday not anything big to ask for'. Ain't going to lie, I flipped.
Now my nan sent me an email today asking me if it was alright to do it all the way round and have my mum over here for a few days. This shall be my nan's birthday present, she wants to pay everything for mum just so she can see me and her almost one year old granddaughter.
Only fair I suppose, however I have mixed feelings about it. First of all I hate taking money off of my nan but I can't really do otherwise cause we are fairly tight these days and we still have things queued to spend on, like a shower, mixer taps, a dining table and so. Secondly I know we are going to go to each others' nerves within hours. I know I'm horrible around my mum, I can't help it, the vibes are just not working out between us. I will huff and puff and Lee will be in the middle and it is not something he needs on top of my shitty attitude he sometimes gets. (Sorry baby. I know I can be a bitch sometimes.) Thirdly I am happy, yes. I want Lileeva to get to know my mum and have some kind of bond between them. Also, having mum over will change my stress levels - will be taking a weight off of my shoulders cause Lileeva will have her entire attention but on the other hand... Those vibes sometimes. Ah well...
I know I sound like an ungrateful daughter. I shall keep the above things in mind daily so I won't be becoming an ungrateful mother. Blah.

By the way mayo is on Lileeva's hate-list as well. I tried to give her some, again, with the nuggets and chips to take their dryness away but no luck just whinging.
She realised lately she can use her knees. She wouldn't just stand stiff anymore but started to put her feet in front and next to each other. I wouldn't yet call it walking but she is indeed making huge steps forward. Quite literally.

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