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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I was wrong. Lileeva is on the move.
No, she's not walking yet. No, she's not crawling either. She throws herself on the stomach and kind of shuffles. Very cute, but I have to childproof the living room cause she grabs everything and is on a mission to destroy our electronic gadgets and chew all the wires. We also ordered a baby gate. About time.
Lileeva's 7th tooth is out with today, four on the top and now three on the bottom.
By the way, did I ever mention that clothes sizing baffles me?! Baby clothes sizing ain't different either. Some of her 6-9 months were small when she was only 7 months, most of them still fit though when she's almost 10 months. Also, some 12 and 18 months dresses are perfect on her but there are a few 12 months that small and she never even worn them! I think sizing is going to remain a mystery for me forever.

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