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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I almost dropped my coffee this morning when Lileeva greeted to me!
I was in the kitchen preparing her breakfast while she was in the living room watching cartoons and peeking at me. Thought I'd give her a wave and said 'Hello!'... She immediately waved back with a toy in her hand and said 'Aaao ooow!'
I also child proofed our living room today. It's kind of awkward cause both the coffee table, laptop and TV stands have storage spaces underneath for the Xbox, magazines and what not, which are usually the targets of Lileeva's. I boxed all our CDs which we don't anyway use, we just have to find space in our storage for them. Put all the important books and gadgets higher up too. Not sure what to do with the low corners, I suppose I shall just watch her carefully.
We also need to get a wardrobe for her soon. The shelf-box system is no longer working, since she's trying to pull herself up on everything.
My eating habits are kind of messed up, I don't have set meal times, but since Lileeva does, with yesterday I started to have dinners with her. One step closer for doing proper family things.

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