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Thursday, 6 September 2012


So I might be bipolar or something...
Ever since last night I'm loving the idea of my mum coming over! I'm even planning the menu, the cake, the programs and the presents for her.
We ordered our dining table set yesterday, so it all will be more comfortable for her and of course for us too. No more food prints on the sofa or the wall. Can only hope the cream seats won't get mash up too quick. It fits nicely in our modern living room as well. (We have a tiny kitchen, yes.) Family dinners here we come!

I'm having an official 'worst parent' day today. I left Lileeva on the sofa for about 3 minutes while I was unpacking the shopping and BAM! she fell off. Again. This time she went 100% face first, the rug's motives are clearly visible on her purple forehead, her nose is like Rudolf's and she must've bitten her lip cause it was bleeding. I'm not scared of blood but this tiny trickle has almost made me pass out. Mummy thing I suppose. She is all good by the way, gotten lots of cuddles and forgot all about it quick ish.
Since Lileeva is wiggling her bum all the time and rolling over constantly, changing her nappy became very difficult. She just wouldn't stay still for no one and throws a hissy if we try to make her. Would be so much easier if she was standing by herself now, could change her in no time.
That's the other thing. All she wants to do is stand and walk. She needs me to help pulling her up and to walk with her, cause obviously she's yet (Still!) unable to pull herself up on anything and not anymore keen on the baby walker either.
By this child grows up I shall change my name to Mrs. Hunchback.

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