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Thursday, 13 September 2012


10 months! Hello double digits!
You get used to having a baby on a day-to-day basis but sometimes you overview your life and realise you've only discovered your pregnancy a year and a half ago. Now she is trying to walk and talk.
I mentioned yesterday that my eating habits are quite messed up, so does my sleeping pattern. I'm aware why, but it is not the place to go into it. Anyways, I'm on a mission of eating meals with Lileeva. Or at least around the time she eats, therefor I make myself get used to a routine too and life will be easier when she will have all her 3 meals similar to mine, not only one.
Also, it's easier when you don't have to hide from your own daughter every time you want to have a meal. I mean if we eat together or I eat just after feeding her, it's less likely she will climb all over me, wanting a taste of the exact same food she just had.
Mission begins: Now.


  1. Wááááá! Eve, basszus, én most fedeztem fel, h te még mindig blogolsz! Azt hittem nem tudom miért, h abbahagytad, mikor meglett Lileve!
    Most be kell pótolnom egy évet. De legalább van mit olvasnom.

  2. remélem nem lesz túl unalmas olvasnivaló :)
    figyelemmel követlek ám én is, csak nem kommentelek, mert úgysem reagálsz rá ;P

  3. Nem is igaz, szoktam! Kivéve, ha elfelejtem:)Tényleg eltűntél fb-ról?