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Monday, 2 April 2012


I love Cow & Gate. Lee signed me up for promotions for many sites while I was pregnant and they seem to be the best, keep sending me up to date information.
For example this 5 step weaning plan booklet with lots of money off coupons. (Which I mainly already used in Boots as I mentioned previously.) It's really helpful, going through from to first spoonful to having 3 set pureed meals a day. Have recipes included too so I don't have to come online all the time I'm making Lileeva food.
Anyways, since she's eating solids for quite some time now at regular times (Lunch.) I'm trying to establish another routine; Breakfast. See if she's happy with having more milk for one go but dropping a bottle, having a porridge breakfast (Properly, sitting in her high chair, with some water in the sippy cup.) skipping the usual lunch puree and have dinner instead.
I tried her on all kind of foods already, mainly fruits, and no allergic reaction so far. So it's time for mixing them, like apple-pear, strawberry-banana. I'm still on the wait for introducing her more variety of foods cause she's still young and for example pureed peas chocked her cause of the bits of skins in it. That's to come after our holiday in May aka after her 6 months birthday.
Then by she's 9 months I'm trying to have her having 3 meals a day, hopefully home made ones.
We have jarred food as well, but will be taking them to Budapest so there I won't have to mess about processing food for her. By then she'll be eating mixed fruits/food anyway.
Also, I bought follow on milk, will be feeding her with it as soon as she steps over the 6 month mark. More iron and vitamins, better when you are weaning them.

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