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Friday, 20 April 2012


I took Lileeva to baby massage on Wednesday where the lady introduced something new; the treasure basket. Lileeva was going mad for it! The whole idea behind it is to put all different shapes and textures in it (Pretty much anything.) what they can investigate. Anything apart from plastic, cause that's what most toys are made of.
So I've created our own. So far we've got a big metal bar blade (Classy!), wood incense holder, rubber gloves, jar lid, washing sponge, shiny fabric devil horn hair band, plastic formula spoon, cardboard drink coaster, colourful paper muffin cases, glass spice holder and a metal absinthe spoon, all this in a corn basket with wood handles.

So far Lileeva is more interested in Kitty. She keeps reaching out for her, leaning forward to touch her. The cat has none of it. Can't blame her though, Lileeva only started to use her hands and grabs everything with her strong little grip. When she does manage to get to Puddy, she usually ends up with a serious amount  of hair between her fingers. Miracle that the cat didn't yet bite her.
That little furball will be in serious trouble, once Lileeva masters the tricks of crawling.

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