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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Lately Lileeva became very good in grabbing things, therefor enjoying her baby gym even more.
She loves her Peppa Pig teddy too, always having it close to her face when napping during the day and befriended the orange rubber duck too.
She sometimes laughs now without tickling her and also blows raspberries.
Not to mention the 'talking' which is more likely shouting but still, good try. She tells us off all the time now haha! Such a big girl!
Only have trouble with getting her dressed nowadays. She is at that age when it's normal I reckon. Funny for example how much she hated coming out of the bath when she was 2 months old, screaming from the cold but shut up as soon as I got her dressed. Now it's the opposite, bare happy with laying around naked but when I start to put them grows on! Doesn't help that she became quite sicky lately and have to get her changed a few times daily.
Ah well, will grow out of this too, in fact before I'd even realise, all what she will want to do is dress-ups.

We just had a calculation with Lee and it looks like I don't necessarily have to go back to work just yet. I'm planning on staying home with her until she can attend a free nursery (Age of 3? Have to look into it.). Not like we are going to live on benefits, we won't. We are entitled to get shit, but will still be able to manage we think.
As soon as we decide to have another baby though, I will go back to work for about a year or so. That way we can save up and might be able to get Maternity Allowance again.
This, might be sooner than we first planned... Well... Lee said he will think about it. After all the less is the age gap between, is the better for them, and if we were started trying for another one when Lileeva is around a year and a half, she'd be over 2 years old when we had her little brother or sister. Ideal in my opinion.
And, to be honest, with all the joy ahead of us with her, I reckon Lee as well would miss bottle feeding and nappy changing once Lileeva will be old enough to walk, talk, play and kind of take care of herself. (But of course, he'll never admit this haha.)

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