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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Alright, I'm hopeless. Lileeva was staring at my toast the other morning so I gave her a bite. She gave me a face then chew and swallowed it with bit of a cough. She spat the second one out.
Now the same thing happened today, so gave her a bit again. She was reaching out for the second dose which she grabbed with her hand and put it in her mouth! Just what she done with the sippy cup 20 minutes later! I swear she's going to be ready for finger food very soon.

I'm making mixed food now, will try her on a few, then going on jars. Easier. Don't want to give her food poison with making the meaty ones too raw or something.
I got her weight today as well, 6.95 kg ~ 15.3 lbs absolutely average. She has michelin man arms and fat roll around her pits so we got a bit worried but she's fine luckily. With Lee's words: 'I didn't say she was overweight. I said she looked fat!'
I kind of measured her too, she's around 68-70 cm ~ 26.8-27.6 inch so she's O.K. that way too.
All in all, she's a happy baby and that what matters to us.

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