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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Lee put the guitar up on Lileeva's wall so that's done too!
Walls in this block are super crap, impossible to screw them (Nuclear attack - meet me at mine!) but the nails don't stay in, in fact the wall falls off with them too, leaving nice holes, with a perfect view to the bricks.

I took Lileeva out yesterday in the sling, facing out. It's only recommended for babies over 6 months but she's really good with her neck, and seems frustrated after a while when she has to face me. She's obviously looking around, but gets pissed off after an hour or so as it's usually more than her neck can handle.
I also didn't want to introduce everything at the same time. I want to carry her on my back in the Manduca (Since she's getting heavier.) so that needs a little practice too in the next month or so.
Anyways, she loved it outwards.

I got a 'Baby on board' badge, will pop it on the carrier. Just for the sake of it. People do tend to give up their seats for us though, well surprising after the hassle and lots of standing on public transport I went through while I was pregnant. Must be something to do with obese people, I didn't stand out much with the bump, hah!

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