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Thursday, 12 April 2012


I got Lileeva one of these today. I just had to. They didn't have pink in Boots so I bought the luminous lime green. (Will go nicely with the matching avocado puke.)
It's a really soft rubber bib, easy to wipe and catches the dropped food. So far she loves holding on to it as well. Might as well consider to use it when bottle feeding her too, since she usually throws some back up when winding her.

Also got her a tiny toothbrush, same option of colours but she preferred the pink I think. Trying to make her choose already, I always hold things up so she sees them and able to decide. Well... Whichever she stares with more interest, that's what I buy. (People surely look at me like I'm nuts, but couldn't care less, really.)
I mean, she does have an opinion on things already, another story that she's not yet able to tell us what it is, right?!

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