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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I'm still feeding Lileeva with single component food.
I know she's ready for more, but since I got hold of some stage 1 vegetables thought I let her try and taste them as they are, before mixing. I did give her ready made mixed purees when were on the move (Strawberry-apple, apple-banana, apple-prune and butternut squash-prune-apple-carrot.) but not sure which option she prefers.
So far she tried:
- Apple
- Banana
- Pear
- Sweet potato
- Carrot
- Tomato
- Strawberry
- Pea
- Avocado
- Butternut squash
She likes some more than others, but I think it's normal, after all she's allowed to have favourites already. We had a hard time with avocado only, she didn't just pull faces or start to moan like usually does when she doesn't like something, she actually threw up from it. Twice.
She's also eying my toast lately! Lileeva thinks she's some kind of super hero after having her first tooth growing out of her gums. That's O.K. I started her on solids at 3+ months but no way I'm starting her on baby biscuits before 6 months! (That's a month earlier than recommended anyway.) Especially that she was chocking on the pea puree which contained little bits of pea skins.
She has dropped a bottle (Having 4 x 210 ml a day.) so doesn't have much milk, nor a lot of solids so I began to worry about her nutrition, but it clearly says on the follow on milk box that it's not suitable for babies under 6 months.
Just have to keep an eye on her in the next month I reckon. After all she looks happy and healthy so technically no reason to worry about.

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