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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


7 months tomorrow. Can hardly believe it.
Lileeva's separation anxiety seems to be dying down a little.
As it happens though, I'm having the same issues again (Mainly with myself.) than before. Since the weather became proper shite, again, all what we do is sitting in the living room, Lileeva is playing with the same toys and we may or may not watching cartoons. I'm scared of her getting bored, and yet we are together 24/7 feels like I don't spend any quality time with her whatsoever. I signed up to babycentre to get weekly updates on Lileeva's development and on useful games I can play with her.
Weird, thought I was a member already, since this is the site which helped me through my pregnancy and pretty much all my baby related questions. Anyways, even though at this stage all baby is different, I'm sure it will come handy. (Yes, they are different. Lileeva has two teeth, prefers porridge over finger food and can't be arsed rolling over, nor has she any strength in her legs. Loki, who's a month behind her, has no teeth, bangs on finger food, is rolling over and can stand with support, but isn't yet able to sit by himself.)

Discovered today that Lileeva likes books! She blatantly likes phones and remote controls, but I'm happy she's interested in books too. Thinking about it, she was always reaching out for the actual one I was reading at the time, but sitting her down on the rug she packed all of them out from the bottom of the coffee table. Twice.
I also sat down with her this evening, and was reading to her. I got these fanfold baby books, with short Hungarian poems in them, and big colourful pictures on each page, related to the actual poem. Now the book we were reading was all about cats. I explained what is on each page, pointing at the flowers, bowls, cats, mice and so on, then closed the book. Opening again, page by page I asked Lileeva 'Where is the kitty?' and she pointed on the cats, didn't miss any of them, no matter how small the drawing was! I was well surprised and beyond proud! Shame on me, even I underestimate babies.
Incredible they are.

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