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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I've been thinking lately that this 09pm bed time might be a bit late for Lileeva, after all some parents put their babies to bed around 06-07pm and Lileeva usually has a good old nap after her 06pm food... So I've done a research and 'normal' bedtime, -according to babies' bio-clock apparently- is between 07-0830pm. I tried to put her in bed yesterday an hour earlier, but all I got in return is her waking up 2.5 hours earlier than usual. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. Especially cause Lee was working... I shall really do these experiments on his day offs.
The exact same thing happened before, so we might as well just stick to this 09pm-09am routine.
When she stayed over at her nanny's, I've got reported that both days she was awake bang on at 0730am, not sure if she is at home too, but if she is, she doesn't make any noise and believe me, both my ears and the baby monitor is hyper sensitive. All in all, I'm not too worried.

This feeding situation is getting a bit lame. Starting with that Lileeva is not so keen on her milk intake anymore. She's eating her porridge happily, twice a day, but can hardly force 150 ml of milk down on her the mornings and evenings. I reckon she got the hang of solids now and drinking food out of a bottle became absurd for her.
Also, I got utterly lazy since our holiday in Budapest and I mainly feed her with jars instead of making purees like I used to. We are quite tight with money now, not even sure which option is cheaper, but I'm almost certain the home made purees are healthier than the super-organic jarred ones. So my mission is to get back on track with the fruits and vegs, no home made meat though, I don't want to chance on food poisoning.
I'm really keen on giving Lileeva finger food, even as a main meal once a day, she looks interested and knows what to do with it, the only problem is that she doesn't yet have top teeth so it's a trouble for her to chew. Bless, she really did look interested in that cauliflower the other day.
Sooner or later... (I still think sometimes, I'm pushing her into independence way too fast?!)

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