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Thursday, 28 June 2012


I'm having so much trouble these days! Not only with Lileeva, but she does put me on the edge.
She is just crying all the time for no particular reason. (Teething maybe?)
This morning she had a 7 hour, pretty much non stop screaming fit. She woke me with it around 06am and has only stopped twice for a short time until 03pm. I had a rough night anyway, I couldn't sleep due to other stuffs troubling me, so the morning was hell itself.
Her separation anxiety is back as well. Woohay! Didn't know it comes and goes...
I hate that I lose my temper with her, I hate that I shout at her, I'm an awful parent. Literally don't know why is she screaming for, I try every possible things but no luck. It does my head in. Wish I could be more patient with her. Hope I'll find a solution for it very soon cause I don't want to push her away.

 She has also stopped eating. She has milk and porridge, but isn't keen on the rest. Lileeva wouldn't eat pureed vegetables I make for her and stopped eating mashed fruits too, unless there's banana in it. This basically means she hardly has anything between 12pm and 09pm.
We tried her back on jars again, the 7months+ lumpy ones but she doesn't usually take them either. It's like she eats the sweet ones and/or forces some down of anything from the above if she's really hungry, but not more than a few spoonfuls.
Lee's mum said she might just want milk instead of solids, but that's a step back. So does feeding her whenever she demands it. Harsh, but she seems to realise if she doesn't eat, she won't be getting anything until the next scheduled feed, apart from bits of crackers or crumbs from our food.
I do hope it's all just something to do with teething and will go away soon. Both the moodiness and pickiness.
I don't want to go mad over things like these, cause I really do love her. She just deserves to have a better mummy. Sigh.

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