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Friday, 15 June 2012


Lileeva's third tooth has cut through today, on top left! By the beginning of next week her fourth will be out too. Yay! This explains all this moodiness.
I'm utterly proud of her by the way. I started to give her finger food, like cooked fruits and vegetables, and she's loving them! She was choking on the pear yesterday but had no trouble with the apple this evening.
So I decided yesterday I'll put my mind off of this milk intake mistery and will do things how I think is right for my baby. Here is my 7 months+ feeding routine:
09am 180 ml bottle
12pm breakfast porridge made with 90 ml formula
03pm lunch vegetables both finger and puree
06pm dinner fruits both finger and puree
09pm 180 ml bottle

We had this health visitor kind of person on baby massage this Wednesday and she explained why is tummy time so important. (Can't remember to be perfectly honest, apart from the obvious; rolling over and crawling.) Anyways, Lileeva hated being on her stomach, -apart from the first couple of months of her life, when it's extra dangerous cause of cot death- but she seems to be getting used to it now. We are far from the recommended hour/day, but are getting there slowly. Least she doesn't start straight off when I put her down and can keep herself entartained for about 5-10 minutes with books or a mirror.

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