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Saturday, 23 June 2012


I just hope Lileeva loves me.
I know I have my moments and lose my head maybe a little too quick but it really is hard sometimes. Sometimes everything is alright then there are a few days when I just can't wait for the night and to be left alone, then so I can wake up all happy and can love her again 100% the next morning. Do think she feels the same every now and then cause even though she is moody throughout the evening, she always wakes up with the biggest smile.

Still trying to take her out, pretty much every day. Over the park, to nanny's, to Louise's, to baby massage or to meet with my friends. I want to keep her entertained and make her life interesting instead of just sitting with her between the same walls 24/7.
Lileeva has heat rash lately. No bumps but red patchy skin around her hair line and back. Must have something to do with her temperature caused by teething.
Her fifth is coming on the top left. Seems like once the top ones start to cut through they just wouldn't stop.

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