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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I have a really weird appetite since I became pregnant, and I'm not talking about crazy cravings or anything like that.
We all know the cravings are common, for example my mum was bang on the ice when I was in her stomach, was licking and chewing ice cubes non-stop. On the other hand, Louise, my boy's sister is in her 8th month and haven't had cravings at all.
I've always been a big eater (All my family is, really.) so thought I wouldn't be anything else during pregnancy either. Me and Lee were always joking about that we'll have to spend all our savings on food if/when I get pregnant cause I'm normally eating twice as much as he does. I'm that kind of fatty who eats a cheese on toast, then a soup, then wanting something sweet so jump on the Nutella jar with a teaspoon and when I'm done I'm back on a salty cheese.
Since this little monster is inside me I became a real fussy eater, it's shocking even for me! I usually have this intense, let's say pain in my gastric, not down in my belly but above in my cardia. First I thought it was the sign of the morning sickness which still isn't happening, but the pain reamins. Then so I thought it might be me needing a poo but no it's not that either. It's me being hungry. Hungry, but on a very different way. And when I'm hungry, I open the fridge and eat everything out. Well... This is how it used to be.
Nowadays I just feel hungriness and sitting on my ass for hours, thinking what I'd want, open the fridge and close it straight away after smelling the mixture of foods. Not as if they'd be rotten or out of date, I just don't seem to be able to stand the smell of theirs.
I also, don't seem to be liking any kind of food at the moment. I'm normally a cheese girl but now just to think about it, makes my stomach turn. Just as chocolate. And cake. And the list is endless.
But, at the same time I do have daily cravings. The other day I was bang on the bacon sandwich. The day before spaghetti, yesterday pizza, today fish fingers with rice. And when, after hours, I do decide what I fancy, I'm bang on it.
I eat kind of regularly nowadays, which never ever was my strength. Not like I've planned this way, but I have three (Hmm... Sometimes four.) meals a day, plus snacks. The meals are always the same, for example today: Three fishfingers with mayo and rice first, secondly just four fishfingers with mayo on it's own and thirdly the rest three fingers and the last bag of rice. And it's the same every day, but the food is always different, mostly what we don't have so I got to go shopping daily which isn't cheap.
My snacks are usually some kind of chocolaty things and yes, I admit, there is one repetitive 'craving' of mine: Tangerines!
Lee is at work at the moment but offered me to buy some more fish fingers and rice on the way back, I was bare happy about it, then turned him down a couple of hours later cause just to think of them made me feel sick. And now, now I'm changing my mind again, as feel like I could murder some of those bastards straight away.
Seriously, anyone wants to tell me what the fuck is going on?!

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