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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Oh my god, watching '16 and Pregnant' makes me want to thank to the Big Bang that my boyfriend isn't a worthless piece of shit like these boys on the telly! I mean, obviously, I understand that they are young but please! -'I'm only with you cause I found out you're having my baby.', -'I couldn't care less about you!' and stuff?! Lucky thing these yanks are rich as hell so can go through everything without worrying too much about crap boyfriends.
Anyways, I can't be happy enough of having Lee, who is supportive from the beginning and I'm sure he will be after the baby is here as well.
It's only me now, who has to pull herself together and look and find a day job soon, cause I feel worthless and crap locked in to the house 24/7.

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