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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Hahaha bloody hell! Just watching 'Brainiac: Science Abuse' and a weird fact, I haven't previously heard of got proven, about mothers and their bondage to their children.
So there were these three mothers, they fed their babies with the exact same food (A type of milk, I suppose.), changed their nappies so they all had the same to poo out and poo into. The Brainiac stuff burped and pooed the little ones, changed them and put each dirty nappies on a separate tray, then blindfolded the mums, and made them one by one to go and smell each nappies to see if they are able to recognise the smell of their own child's poop. The result was three out of three, they all got it right.
How ridiculous motherhood is?! I think it's absolutely amazing.

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