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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Why the hell on earth would you consider adoption? I would spit in the mirror every single day even, if I was only thinking about it seriously.
Hello, it's your baby, something you made and/or you carried under your heart. That's a bloody bondage for fuck's sake. Duh, I'm so angry. (Yes, I'm watching '16 and Pregnant' again.)
So how about having protected sex, first of all. Or going for a morning after pill or even have a bloody abortion if necessary,. Not like I'm a big fan of that, but that's an option too.
Carrying it, feeling it, going through the labour then passing it down?! Then what?! When someone raised it, let's say 10 years later, you'd just knock on their door revealing yourself and what not?!
There's always an easier way, but please. You made a decision of having it, don't back out when it's late. I do understand it seems hard (Even though I at the moment don't feel it too hard.) but be responsible for your actions, damn it.
I'm not saying I don't have issues, after all it's not like a boob job which can be changed, the silicone can be removed any time when you get annoyed or bored of it... Or a cat which lives let's say 9-10 years, teach her at the first few months then that's it, you're just cuddling, stroking and feeding her til she passes away, sooner or later.
A baby is a life fucking time responsibility, you have to get rid of lots of things in your life (Not like a bubba wouldn't bring others and benefit you on different ways.), it's not like baby rats what you can sell or give away.
And yes, I'm quite harsh on the opposite perspective too. A couple of months ago Lee and me had a drunk conversation (Both way too drunk, I was being a sad drunk, tears and all that crap.) and the baby subject came up, and he said, one day if we decided to have a baby we still would be able to adopt. I've never before been thinking about it, but straight away told him the first thing came into my mind; That I wouldn't want anyone else's baby, cause there's no chance I'd ever be able to love it as much as I'd love my own.
And realised, just now, typing the above, it was the actual morning I conceived.
I don't believe in accidents.

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