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Monday, 21 March 2011


A few weeks ago we had one of those mad ones. We invited over the mates, drinks and all that.
My period was due that weekend but after a few heavy nights or weekends it's normal for me to be a couple of days late. Thought I'll be waiting a whole week with the test, cause who knows really. And, to be honest, I forgot about it throughout the week as well, although getting comfortable before sleep was hard, stretching pulled my stomach muscles and, as it happens, having a couple of staff shots on Friday night at work made me feel sick, and I'm telling you I'm everything but a lightweight.
It was Saturday the 12th during my boy was out, when I did the test which turned out positive. Not realising I had another one in the box, I rushed out to Boots for another, different kind of test then ran in to Mc Donald's and did the second there, not being ashamed making the queue of ladies wait quite a while for the cubicle.
Then walked to the counter, ordered two cheeseburgers, went home and broke down on tears. Mostly because the previous week every time I made a joke about being late and a possibility for being pregnant, Lee changed subject, not even finding the jokes funny, with this making kind of clear he's absolutely against of the baby idea.
He has some seriously good timing, walking in the above moment to pick something up, seeing me sitting on the sofa crying. He asked whether or not it's a 'girly thing' so I told him yes, I'm pregnant. He cuddled me, saying nothing, then picked up whatever he wanted and left.
The following day we went out for a Whetherspoons' lunch and asked him if he wanted to have the 'shitty conversation', cause I know he's the kind of person who rather not talk about problems just let them sort themselves out with time. The same time, he knows how I feel about the pregnancy situation so if he wouldn't bring it up, I wouldn't either, and the baby would born without we even discussing it's name.
So we went home and this is what he said: -'So I've been thinking and there are two options... The first is to keep the baby and struggle for money again, even though we both are just started to sort ourselves out. The second is not to keep it, then there is an even higher risk for you not to be able to ever get pregnant. As about me... I'm not lying, I'm really scared... But to be honest, I rather struggle. But at the end of the day it's your body and your decision, but you have to know I'll be supporting you 100% however you decide.'
I think the above is exactly what a girl needs to hear in a situation like this.
So that's us, having a baby!

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