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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I registered to the GP not long ago, in fact as soon as I found out I'm pregnant. They done a pregnancy test too, told me to eat healthy, stop smoking and drinking, and to take vitamins. I'm taking Calcium + Vitamin D which I did anyway, cause my teeth aren't the bests and Folic Acid which helps the baby grow healthy especially it's little brain and  also repairs DNA.
I still have to call the hospital for a leaflet which gives me information and instructions about pregnancy and also to let them know I'm 6 weeks in and with another 6 weeks I have to get an appointment for my first scan.
I feel a bit lost, don't know what to do in situations, it's weird cause I'm normally a firm person. Lee's sister is about to have her second baby in May but still, who am I to stream her with all my questions?!
For example yesterday; I had a little nap the afternoon and woke up for this horrible pain in my right side, like it was a sword going trough my belly and back. The pain was so intense and constant that one point my right leg and arm started to go numb. I didn't want to call the hospital cause what if it was nothing, especially as they say period pains are quiet common at the early stage, they usually have nothing to do with my back.
Was thinking of the amount of fags I smoked that morning after a pity argument with Lee, or stress maybe?! Anyways, took paracetamol which helped and had a nice warm bath which was awesome too. Ever until I started to feel sick (I can't handle heat for long.) and got out. Then I had two problems, straight away; The sword and the sickness. At the end I couldn't concentrate on anything, so just went to bed. Lee got me a hot water bottle on the way home so it helped me out and made the pain disappear for the morning.
By the way he is amazing. We got the cat a couple of days after we found out I'm pregnant and there is this urban legend that cat poo could make the embryo blind (The infection called Toxoplasmosis.), and there is this fact that Lee isn't a big fan of cat poo (Well... Who is, really?!) but instead of backing out, he offered straight away that he'll do the litter, what he does ever since we got the little bastard. Also he took overtime already to try and save up enough money for baby stuffs.
Also, I shouldn't jinx it but can't help to mention it: The nurse said I'm 6 weeks in, I think I'm around 5 weeks but hey, let's trust the experienced one. So if she was right, I should in the next couple of weeks or already have started the morning sickness. But it didn't yet happen, woohoo! Hope it stays like this.
Just been talking with a mate and he said my stomach and back probably was hurting cause of my body's changing and getting ready to protect the baby and the muscles are changing in my back too to make it strong enough once it gets to the point of giving birth.

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