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Friday, 25 March 2011


I called the hospital a few days back and got my first scan date for the 11th of May which is going to be my 14th week. I'm well surprised why have they put me so late in, usually they do the first scan around 11-12 weeks. I'm not too happy about it, so think I'll be calling them some point next week to get the appointment changed.
I just want to know sooner than later that everything is O.K. and I have nothing to worry about. I'm really scared something bad happens... I can't say I'm 100% sure about this is what I want, it's new, and unknown. But it happened, and we're sticking to it, getting used to the thought and making the best out of it, no matter what.
Not to mention the amount of people know about it already! Me and Lee are both are on the same opinion of trying to keep our mouths shut until the third month, and first the scan. Well... His mum though different and told way too many people, mostly family members. Which I wouldn't actually mind, but I don't even know them all! As it happens, their family is quite big, and there are members I haven't even met yet. Now imagine if something bad happened, and met them after... Those -'Oh bless, I feel so sorry for you!' looks and what not. It's not my main issue, but still.
Also, I still haven't been sick yet, but having awful cramps and diarrhoea every now and then and feeling down, wanting to do nothing but sleep all day long. Lee said probably this is how the 'sickness' hits me. My opinion is this could be cause I'm sitting home for over a week now, doing absolutely fuck all, and it drags me down. This should change soon, cause this unemployed situation drives me mad.
But of course I'm not able to know it for sure, cause for some reason the hospital didn't send me any information yet. I apparently have to wait til the first scan.
Seriously, how am I supposed to know whether or not what I'm doing is right?!

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