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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


The first thing I've done after we discussed we are keeping the baby was to count the 40th week myself, so I'd kind of know when to expect the little alien.
As I said before, I was thinking of changing the date of my first scan cause it's on my 13th/14th week and think it's quite late, but after deciding to call them tomorrow I just realised a weird repetitiveness around the dates...
I personally do not believe in accidents and quite superstitious so I won't end up changing it, cause:
1) I know exactly when did I conceive, the morning of the 12th of February which technically, for me, is the night of the 11th's mash-up.
2) I was going to take the pregnancy test when I was a week late but it was a Friday when I had to work so I decided to do it the following day, just in case the result was positive, I didn't want to work stressed, if it makes sense. So instead of doing it on the 11th I've done it on the 12th of March.
3) I've got the date of my first scan and its on the 11th of May.
4) Even though the doctor said I'm due on the 15th, I counted and turns out I'm due on the 12th of November. I still believe and hope I'm going to be a day early though. 11/11/11.

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