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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I composed this well angry post-to-be around a week ago while waiting in the hospital and could do nothing else but pressing my phone around. Obviously it didn't make it here as an entry, luckily, as it was full of hatred. Anyways, being in a much calmer mood I try to re-compose it.                                
First of all I had my appointment on the antenatal ward, and even though I had to be there at a specific date and time, they still made me wait close to an hour. No network reception on the phone and was unable to listen to my music in case I was the next to be called. Therefor I was just sitting there quietly among many other pregnant women, most of them with their unborns' already existing brother or sister.
I'm not so keen on going in to race questions now, but... So I'm sitting there pissed enough, cause of the wait and these kids are making so much noise, shouting, running about, falling over, crying out loud and so. I could easily say I hate kids, but it's nothing to do with them but their parents. So their pops don't give a damn about them, the children make noise to get their attention (Nothing.), running about (Still nothing.), falling over and crying (There we go!) and then they get their attention finally... Scolding them off for being the way they are!
Not just blaming their children for something which ain't their fault, raising neglectful toddlers, they are being pregnant again, having another one! What the hell for?!
It makes me proper sad, especially cause those poor kids are going to grow up soon, and be exactly the same, once they get to the point and are about to have babies too. They'll assume that this kind of behaviour is absolutely normal. And this makes this generation fucked up as hell.
Another example; The estate we are living at the moment is full of roughly 5-6 years old kids, the boys are playing ball games on the other side of the house while the girls are usually outside the estate playing in front of our doors.
They learnt to kind of like (If not that, but accept.) us, new tenants. They do no harm to us but couldn't help noticing, they sometimes clique against our next door neighbour, the youngest little girl (Around 3 or 4.) Lea. They either don't play with her, getting her in pity troubles, or showing off their sparkly pink princess dresses what Lea doesn't have.
Now the thing is; Their parents are clearly spoiling them, trying to keep them out of the house, buying them everything just to shut them up, while Lea's mum (A decent like stoner chav.) obviously cares about her. That's that.
Lea was the first, and for quite some time the only person (Including parents!) who was greeting to us every time we walked past by her, shouting -'Bye!' at us, even though we were far down the road already. She knows etiquette, and it's good to see that there is a kid out there who is going to grow up to be 'normal'.
I just hope I'm going to be a good mother.

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