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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Figured out what causes the big belly aka being bloated like a balloon; Iron. I have to take one a day with my other medication and it doesn't let me poo, at all! Therefor since my latest blood test on Friday I stopped taking it. I know it's not the right thing to do but I'm back in the hospital for a check up tomorrow, so will tell them to give me some hardcore laxatives with the next dose, cause it's not the way forward. Until then I'm off of it and guess what, I'm feeling much more better and less bloated as well.
Also, for the first time, I noticed I was bleeding after sex. It wasn't even red blood or heavy bleeding more likely just a spit of orange-pink something which didn't even last long enough to scare me. It has probably been happening ever since I'm pregnant just haven't yet noticed it. Done a little research and all sites say it is perfectly normal, since everything inside is super sensitive at this period, and until it comes with cramps, lasts less than an hour or so and everything but bright red, it's all good. Anyways, I'll be seeing my midwife in a couple of weeks, if it happens again I'll mention it, otherwise I most probably will forget about it easily.

Here's my 21 weeks 2 days bump above. Can't see much difference since the last picture at 16 weeks (Post 27.) apart from the belly getting a bit more rounded and hard instead of being flabby, and that my tits got at least twice as big! Jesus, I didn't even notice. It's one of those things what you see every day, so... You know what I mean.
I keep thinking of our first family holiday to Hungary in around January. What I'm not quite sure about is that how am I supposed to feed the little lady on the trip?! I mean, I'm pretty sure at that age they are still eating in every 2-3 hours and that I ain't gonna fling my tits out in front of the entire terminal, let alone hundreds of people on the flight that's 100% for sure. A feeding takes up to half an hour so I can't even lock myself in the flight's loo for that long.
Now here is the bottle question; The limit to bring up is 100 ml, a baby at that age eats about 200 ml for one go, so even if I managed to bring two little bottles up, poured in the baby bottle (260 ml) before feeding it wouldn't anymore be warm enough for the bubba.
Of course there is another option, the milk powder thing, which I could make up before leaving and ask the cabin crew to fill the bottle up with the right amount of water... If they let me bring up the 260 ml baby bottle, not empty but with powder in it. And then there are still issues about the warmth of the water to be mixed with... Etc.
So many silly questions!
By the way Lee got on the role last night and signed us up for about ten baby clubs, haha aww! It's all about that they are going to send us free samples and booklets with information, money off coupons and stuff so it'll come handy either way.

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