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Monday, 20 June 2011


Fatness is definitely from the food I eat, tried and concentrate on it yesterday and I got massively bloated within like 7 hours or so. Wouldn't say I'm constipating much but it might as well be an issue, so will be talking to someone about it on Friday when I have my scan, see if I can take laxatives during pregnancy.
Me and Lee were babysitting little Alfie and his big sister Kyra (8) on Saturday evening, while Lee's parents went out for a meal and to the pub to celebrate his dad's 50th.
Dave, the dad of the kids also left for a few hours as he's DJing every now and then in a radio, so we were alone with the little ones and have to tell it was a little bit tiring. Not on Kyra's side though, more likely on Alfie's.
He's having crying sessions almost every night for about a week now, even though the grandparents have bought a winding medication which helps him burp and stuff while he's eating. It's just that you always have to have an eye on him, entertain and hold him as it seems that's what he wants. Like all the time.
He's a month old now and I believe he can see objects or clear colors now, instead of a big mess of everythingness and is interested, but annoyed at the same time of not being able to move on his own yet. He tries holding his little heavy head up every now and then, which is proper cute but starts to cry straight away when you lay him down, so I assume he's definitely bored and needs some action hah!
But, I managed to make him fall asleep for a short period of time with walking around and singing a crazy Hungarian song to him ('Én elmentem a vásárba fél pénzzel...'). Result!

Then, as it didn't last for long, I fed and wind him again, changed his stinky-poo nappy (Which I never done before, was just watching others doing it.) and so it took a while, so I got the holy water of his. Obviously after I wiped his arse and was about to put cream on him... Luckily could escape in the very last minute, so he didn't actually get me but peed all over himself so I had to clean and change him again.
Then eventually he fell asleep on Lee and guess what?! He was snoring! Didn't know babies do that! Have a video of him but it's really quiet so the volume needs to be turned right up and have to lean right into the speakers. Cute, or what?!

All in all, even though I knew it's harder than people think, I'm glad I have the chance to practice, and seeing Lee with the kids made me realise how much I love him and how lucky I am. He is the perfect dad-to-be.
I just can't imagine life without him anymore. Soppy crap, I know, but that's the truth.

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